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Hoss CBD Delta8 Tincture Blends

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Hoss CBD 50/50 Blend 1:1 66/33 Blend 2:1 & 75/25 3:1 Blend CBD Delta8 Tinctures HOSS CBD 50/50 66/33 & 75/25 Blends (CBD/Delta8)Mixing Delta 8 and CBD Makes A Perfect Team CBD and Delta8 in perfect harmony, A wonderful balance of full-body high and quiet mind. Balance the strength of the Delta8 with the serenity of CBD. If you want something to get you through a rough day, relieve that stress or pain this could be the thing for you.All Hoss D8 Tincture Blends Will Get you High depending on dosage please use with caution when starting out, Unlike D9 THC D8 THC Is a less Physocactive THC Derived from hemp making it federally legal.When Starting Delta8 Solutions take in small dosages to get used to the effects. This is why we are providing 3 solutions50/50 Blend is for the Extreme 66/33 Is for the Experienced75/25 Is for the Beginner This Product has been know when mixed with CBD to be a much better solution for Pain Anxiety (small Dosages) Sleep Relaxation and much more.Do Not Take if drug Testing (you will not pass) Do not operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment this product may make you groggy.KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN